Sunday, December 14, 2008

Hockey weekend!

This weekend Mason's hockey team competed in the Regional Silver Sticks Tournament. The boys played 4 games, making it into the Semifinals, where they lost to the team that ended up winning the whole tournament. The tournament took place about an hour and a half away from home, so we did alot of driving back and forth and ate alot of McDonalds (blah!) The boys did a great job, and we are having a really fun season so far. We have a great group of parents, the boys are all buddies, the coaches work well's really nice this year! If you don't live up North in "hockey world" it's kind of hard to explain the world of travel hockey! Mason LOVES to play hockey, he had a hockey stick in his hands even before he was walking (he got a Little Tykes hockey set for his first birthday and it went from there). I think he would honestly play hockey almost all day if given the opportunity! So while travel hockey can be brutal and some people think we're nuts to spend so much time at the rink (either at practice or at games) we know our son is doing something he truly loves, and we are having a great time too! Here are a couple of photos of Mason "in action"!

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