Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Prayers for little Mavery

Please pray for little Mavery today. She is another CHI (Children's House International Adoption Agency) baby just like our Olivia. Mavery has a serious heart condition and had open heart surgery this morning. While the doctors were operating, they found a few surprises and they have left her on the vent, trying to determine if she will have to go back into surgery this evening. Her mommy, Shannon, is understandably scared and they all need prayers. Shannon was going to see her for the first time very soon and they have tried to prepare her for what she will see, since Mavery is very heavily sedated (they told her she will look "dead" which is not something any mommy wants to hear). Mavery's blog is at Shannon will keep updating as the day progresses.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Gung Hei Fat Choi!

Which is Cantonese for "May You Be Prosperous" in the new year. It's the year of the Ox in China, beginning today. Happy Chinese New Year!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Pond hockey!

Mason had a super fun day today skating at his buddy's backyard rink. Some of the boys from his team got together today and had a blast out on the ice. They were out there for hours and didn't seem to even notice the cold (it was COLD today!) They had one hot chocolate break (a very brief break) and then got right back out there to skate. Hockey buddies are your friends for life!

Abby is doing well

Abby's surgery to put her PEG tube in place went very well! She is recovering and already looks so much better from the good nutrition. Thanks for all the prayers!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Abby's appointment

Abby had her surgical consult today in Ann Arbor for the feeding tube. Her surgery is scheduled for next Thursday, Jan 15th, but I am going to see if we can change that to Friday the 16th, since they want to keep her overnight. She has lost a bit more weight, and is still not eating much during the day, so it just confirms that we are doing the right thing. Even with the feeding tube in (it is just a "button" on her belly and we insert the tube and put the Ensure or other formula into it) she can still eat by mouth and we will still try to get her to eat more. She just can't go on like this, she officially got the "failure to thrive" diagnosis and so we have come to the point where the tube is the answer for her. I have joined an online support group for parents of children with feeding tubes and I have already learned alot from them. I feel confident in our decision to move forward with the g-tube, and even though I know it will be hard, I am just glad there is something we can do to help her get healthy again. Keep praying for her!

Saturday, January 3, 2009


Well it's already 2009, hard to believe! Here are a few photos of the kids celebrating the new year. We are dog-sitting for my Aunt Sheila, and Mason and Jasmine tried to stay awake to watch the ball drop, but clearly did not make it. :)

Some Auntie Bragging

I decided I would just take a couple of posts to brag about my nieces and nephews. These are my brother's 3 kids, Sebastian, Rachel, and Andrea. Aren't they SO adorable?????? My sister in law is the photographer responsible for the gorgeous photo above and for just about any gorgeous photo you see of my kids. She rocks!